hello lovely

really fucking wish I could go back to eighth grade and stop myself from getting into bands. my life has honestly been all down hill from there with justin bieber, miley, one direction, 5sos, anyone really. why can’t I be a fucking normal person that doesn’t live in some fucking fantasy state of mind. it’s become so important to me to meet famous people or wanting to date them or whatever. I wanna go back to the time when I didn’t have an anxiety attack because one of my bands came on in public and god forbid other people hear them too. man I fucking hate who I’ve become and more that I’ve been like for so long it’s like I can’t change it anymore. I fucking hate myself why did I do this to myself. normal teenagers go out every night and party and yes I do too but even at those parties I’m sitting on tumblr most of the time cos I’m afraid I’ll miss out on new videos or pictures or information. it’s to the point where I feel like if a guy started liking me it would be unfair cos no matter what he’d take a backseat to this shitty life I’ve worked myself into. fuck this I’m done

you're cute pls accept it


thank you cutie

can you post a picture of you without makeup


hahahah no, no one needs to see that monstrosity

who are your best friends


shayna avery emily kenzie & maddy

what boys at mission do you think are hot? (just watched your BOYS video on youtube hehe)


as of right now none cos all the cute ones just graduated 😿

do you smoke


not cigarettes


following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡